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SALEM INDUSTRY L.L.C | SALEM was established in the year 2000 and have been manufacturing and supplying various kinds of engineering equipment. In the recent years, SALEM have started manufacturing high and low ambient vaporizers for specified clients.

SALEM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with well qualified and trained technical team experienced in the refurbishment and maintenance of cryogenic road tankers and storage tanks. Also, specialized in refurbishment of accident road tankers and can as well design, fabricate, install and commission various gas related process skids, filling systems and on-site engineering jobs. And undertakes various cryogenic related and specialized engineering jobs in the Gulf region.


Cryogenic Storage Tanks

Cryogenic storage tanks for atmospheric gases are designed and manufactured for all types of cryogenic applications with the requirements for safe, easy and economical operation.

CrV series tanks are vertical, stationary, pressure vessels with perlite insulation for long-term storage of extreme cold liquids with high quality vacuum level and low evaporation rate.

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Ambient Vaporizers

Ambient air vaporizers require no external source of energy and enables vaporization through exchange of heat with the surrounding air. The liquefied gas is vaporized, warmed to almost the surrounding temperature and finally led to the users in its gaseous state.

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